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宠物输血及时安全吗?小兔建立全国猫狗献血网络!Blood safe? Build a blood net for pet

2016-11-15 17:53








An SOS was sent to rabbity, saying a cat was gaining weight inexplicably. After sending to the hospital, the cat was proved to be feline leukaemia positive. She is now in a hospital named Aibeier (yufo temple shop)in Shanghai. Staying in ICU. 60ml blood transfusion is urgently needed. She need continous blood transfusion

Rabbity did some research on it 




A vet in Britain established the first website for dogs' blood donation in the world in 2012. At the same time, a black Labrador donated his blood 26 times in the past 8 years. Saving 104 dogs. The Labrador successfully donated the most blood in British pets' blood bank and is known as the most passionate dog.




Pets are also helping each other to donate blood in China, but there is not enough time for those in urgent need. "Xiaohu" , a golden retriever has had a serious outbreak of anaemia. It was difficult to find the blood type he needed and 2000ml blood was in need. At least10 dogs are needed to provide that much blood. 10 readers called Huaxi Media Calling Center 96111 , appealing for everyone to take their own dogs to help Xiaohu. But by the time the dog's owner got help , Xiaohu had stopped breathing. Sadly, after 8 years of companionship to his owner, Xiaohu passed away.




Of course, a part of the hospitals owns blood reserve can be used for the dog or cat. But most of the hospitals' use stray animals' blood to run the business without cost. One volunteer in Beijing found out that in a pet hospital, vets catch stray dogs to make a blood transfusion to dogs who come to the hospital. Getting 150ml blood from this stray dog in two days. After 12 hours of blood donations, they cannot eat anything. After the drug, this dog would be in a daze, hitting the cage with his head. Then the hospital sells the blood 10rmb/ml.This way of running a hospital is inmmoral and the blood might not besterle.








Maybe people would say 'there aren't many people that own a pet. And few pets need   blood transfusion. Is that really necessary?'

Please check the statistics below:

1.  Countries with the most dog owners.: 

No.1: USA(55,300,000 dogs) 

No.2. Brazil (35,700,000 dogs) 

No.3 China(27,400,000 dogs) 

What's more, China is the country with the second most cat owners (58,100,000cats)

2. Surveyed in 2014 there were 30,000,000 families that owned dogs ( 7%) 2% of families raising cats. That is 9% in total (the percentage keeps rising every year).

In conclusion: Even though there is only one in a thousand pets in need of a blood transfusion, there are 27,400 dogs and 58,100 cats in need.








If your pet needs a blood transfusion, what should you do? Blood transfusions are normally emergencies. Is there enough time to find a matching blood type? Is it reasonable and reliable even though the hospital owns a blood bank?

Rabbity is attempting to establish a gratuitous cooperation network for pets' transfusion  through our public wechat. When a pet is in need of a blood transfusion, we can find the reliable blood donor for FREE as soon as possible! You could save your pet without buying the blood.

If you want to join us, please scan the QR-code at the bottom of the article to add our public wechat: 兔子的爱心. Please reply blood donation after adding us. Then the QR code for cats and dogs blood donation will be sent to you. Please scan it to enter the bilingual group chat, state the type of your pet, location and blood type to go on the register.

(Dogs should be over 20kg, cats should be over 5kg)



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